A Systematic Approach To Income Investing

ADS Analytics LLC is a research firm specializing in the income investment space. We build income portfolios, develop interactive investor tools, and provide market updates and research on the income space.

We focus primarily on closed-end funds, preferred stocks, baby bonds as well as open-end funds. Our goal is to empower investors and enable them to make the best decisions whatever their investment style.

Our current home at SeekingAlpha is Systematic Income where you can access a 2-week no-obligation trial of our service.

What We Do

On the service we construct income portfolios and maintain interactive investor tools. Subscribers also have access to our market guides and research. Take a 2-week trial to explore these up close.

A suite of Income Portfolios engineered with yield and risk management considerationsInteractive investor tools, allowing investors to research and identify attractive opportunitiesIntroductory market guides breaking down preferred stocks, baby bonds and CEFsOur take on the markets and compelling income investment opportunities

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